Our actions: Ethical and with integrity. The FS Plus Code of Conduct.

As a leading provider for industrial services, the trust of our business partners, our employees and the public is of great importance to us. This moral of trust is lived by every single one of our employees and serves as a guiding principle for everyone at FS Plus. It forms the standard for behavior taking into account compliance with law and order as well as compliance with other essential ethical standards and requirements set by FS Plus itself. The management and the entire workforce know exactly what responsibility means without exception - honestly, decently and sincerely, in one word: with integrity. That's how we act. This does not only strengthen our reputation, but also our business relationships with partners.

FS Plus introduced a compliance program in 2010. An essential component of this program is the FS Plus Code of Conduct. It summarizes the basic rules regarding ethical business behavior and is expected to be complied to by FS Plus´ management and employees worldwide.

Confidential information about possible compliance violations can be sent by email to

In the case of information given in good faith, the person giving the information is promised to be treated confidentially.