Why are industrial climbers important?

Even parts of systems and buildings that are difficult to access must be cleaned regularly. For many companies, the halls and steel structures are often too high to be cleaned by their employees during normal operation. Industrial plants also offer very little space for erecting the necessary working platforms and scaffolding. A special team, equipped with professional tools, is the solution.

Depending on the construction and height, excessive dust accumulation can occur here in particular. If a deflagration or fire occurs, your employees and your company are in serious danger.

Complications can also arise in terms of insurance cover if cleaning is not regularly performed.

Professional industrial climbers deal with a wide range of cleaning tasks at high altitudes in places that are difficult to access and are an advantageous alternative to floor-supported methods such as lifting platforms. With modern rope technology, they can reach any angle, no matter how inaccessible, and complete the necessary work. Their use is often much more cost-effective than erecting scaffolding and platforms.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus offers individual solutions for on-site inspection and analysis of heights inside and outside industrial buildings, such as girder structures, crane systems and industrial chimneys, facades and silos.

With the help of special rope access and positioning techniques, our climbers can quickly and precisely implement your cleaning project in compliance with occupational safety guidelines.

Whether silos, storage containers and vessels, tanks, heating boilers, pipelines, filters, agitators and motors – our climbers are familiar with the behavior during operation and in the special working environment. With perfectly coordinated access concepts, your downtimes and restrictions on use during operation are kept to a minimum.

Your benefits at a glance: