Lubrication and Oil Service

Highest lubrication reliability with maximum performance.

Every machine runs smoothly and reliably only if it is supplied properly and professionally with the necessary lubricants. Lubrication-related machine and plant problems are widespread and occur in all industries, regardless of size and degree of complexity.

The reasons for machine failures are mostly insufficient amounts of lubricant, aged or unsuitable lubricants. A professional lubrication and oil service is therefore essential in order to increase the availability of production machines and at the same time reduce repair costs.

FS Plus ensures the professional implementation of the responsible task of lubrication and oil service.

We analyze your lubricants during use and ensure their functionality through appropriate control and maintenance measures.

In addition, our specialists draw up lubrication plans for your machines and systems, take over the professional lubrication service and always keep an overview of your filling levels. We also perform fill level corrections and lubrication work.

Discover how you can save costs and increase productivity with us.

  • Relief for your employees
  • Maximum performance of lubricants
  • Minimization of tool and machine wear
  • Reduction of change and cleaning intervals
  • Reduction of waste materials produced
  • Sustainable contribution to health and environmental protection