Why is the oil filtration important?

Do you want to extend the life cycle of the oil you use, maintain its performance and sustainably reduce costs? You don’t have to get into details for that! Rely on the decades of experience and competence of FS Plus in all aspects of oil filtration. Discover how innovative technologies can help you maintain the purity of your oil and ensure its maximum performance.

The performance of production machines, hydraulic systems and turbines depends primarily on the quality of the oil. These can be relatively small quantities of hydraulic oil in production machines, freight elevators or grab arms or several thousand liters of high-performance oil from turbines in power plants or from gigantic hydraulic presses in the steel or automotive industries. Only a proper oil lubrication service can ensure a permanently constant machine and system performance.

During industrial production, hard particles such as dust, sand, metal and plastic particles, as well as fibers that enter the oil system from the outside, can contaminate the oil. These wear particles accelerate the aging or decay of the oil. Abrasive suspensions of even the smallest particles cause considerable damage, especially to hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. If the circulating oil is not permanently cleaned from dirt particles or other impurities, protection against wear is no longer guaranteed. Long downtimes and repair times as well as high costs are the result. For this reason, it is particularly important to reduce the particle content to a minimum. Only with reliable and continuous bypass fine filtration in addition to the mainstream filters can the particle content in the oil be permanently reduced and the performance of the oil optimized.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus takes over the professional and sustainable implementation of this important task for you. First of all, the entire system, the lubricant used and the operating conditions are carefully analyzed. On the basis of the oil analysis, we work with you to draw up the optimum timetable and, wherever possible, adjust the filtration to the regular overhaul of your machines. With our innovative and efficient oil filter systems, we can clean oils of different viscosities with a throughput of up to 360 l/min in the bypass flow.

Depending on the degree of contamination, we can filter and remove contaminants down to a pore size of 1 µm. This ensures that the oils retain their very good purity over the long term. Remember: In times of global efforts to protect the environment, every liter of oil that can be reused contributes to the common achievement of ecological goals. A maintained oil does not have to be replaced and disposed. It does not need to be remanufactured, packaged, transported and filled. So it does not pollute our environment. And it doesn’t impact your cost balance.

Your benefits at a glance: