Why is the stock management important?

Incorrect equipment, missing operating materials, unsuitable filters: There are many causes that prevent you from running your production and cost you money in vain. Therefore, the right product must be in the right condition, in the right place at the right time.

The inventory in production plants plays a crucial role here. It always supplies production with the necessary raw materials and consumables, as well as goods and materials, and is fundamentally decisive for smooth processes.

Even in the case of supplier shortages and unexpected increases in demand, ongoing operations must be kept up. A professional stock management enables you to compensate for unforeseen fluctuations, increases the productivity and performance of your storage and sustainably reduces costs.

Discover how FS Plus can help you increase the productivity of your storage and optimize the efficiency of your business.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus takes over the stock management for you and optimizes your storage processes and costs with a trained eye.

Our experienced specialists compare the performance of your storage system with the actual requirements and work out customized solutions for you. We identify minimum, reorder and maximum stocks and introduce self-controlling systems.

By using our enterprise resource planning system, we control and manage your procurement management and maintain your inventories, taking into account capital and process costs.

In order to ensure smooth processes, we also take over the internal logistics and supply your production with the necessary raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating supplies as well as goods and materials from the stock. In addition, we take over the complete ordering process and the associated handling activities for you: from ordering to goods acceptance, labelling and storage.

Benefit from our sound industry know-how and our integrated solutions. Put your stock management in our hands to ensure smooth processes in your production. We assure you more quality and more reliability.

Your benefits at a glance: