Why is the special cleaning important?

When conventional cleaning methods reach their limits and the requirements are particularly high, special cleaning measures are necessary – the cleaning measures of FS Plus.

Special cleaning tasks that exceed the regular cleaning work are individual and must also be handled individually. An experienced specialist is the best way to deal with this.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

As an experienced cleaning company, FS Plus knows what special cleaning is all about. Our qualified specialists are specifically dedicated to stubborn soiling using special mechanical processes and chemical cleaning methods. We pay high attention to an environmentally friendly and sustainable implementation.

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Whether paint, bitumen, rust, lime, oils or fats - the solution is dry ice. Sublimation at -73°C freezes the surface to be cleaned and makes dirt particles brittle. The pressurized dry ice granulate becomes gas on contact and causes the dirt to flake off.

This procedure enables efficient, material-friendly, environmentally friendly and highly effective cleaning without blasting agent residues and disassembly. In a very short time, deposits such as fungi, bacteria, dirt, oil, dust, grease and soot are removed from almost all surfaces and from the smallest gaps. In addition, we use the synergies of investment functionality and the legal Industrial Safety Ordinance as well as Regulation 3 of the German DGUV by coordinating everything with each other.

Steam cleaners provide powerful deep cleaning with high steam temperatures. Industrial surfaces are treated with water or water-soluble cleaning agents by means of pressure outputs of up to 20 bar. This enables thorough cleaning and disinfection with only a small amount of water and often even without chemical additives.

Thanks to the high temperature of the steam, the surfaces dry quickly and are ready for operation again after a short time. Even difficult to reach spots can be easily reached with steam cleaning. This type of cleaning is at the same time gentle on the surface and efficient!

If the removal rate of conventional high-pressure cleaners is not sufficient enough, ultra-high pressure cleaners are used. Ultra-high pressure of up to 2,500 bar reliably removes even the most stubborn dirt and coatings. High pressure cleaning uses mechanical, thermal and chemical factors. The aim is to destroy the bond between dirt and surface and to remove stubborn deposits from e.g. pipelines, plant components, painting plants or gratings.

Grease, dust and chips in and on switch cabinets often lead to malfunctions. There is a risk of corrosion, contact difficulties, short circuits and even downtimes. The voltage-free electric wet cleaning with hydrocarbon-based cleaning agents enables the dry cleaning of the plants from impurities. With high pressure and a finely dosed cleaning agent, which evaporates quickly, the dirt is sprayed out of the switch cabinets without leaving any residue.

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