Why is tank cleaning important?

The tank serves as a calming zone for the oil and as a collecting sink for dirt of all kinds.

In the tank of an oil circuit, the circulating fluid can calm down for a moment. This gives bound suspended particles the opportunity to settle. Depending on the nature of the oil, a sludge-like substance is deposited on the bottom and in the corners of the tank. Synthetic oils in particular remove impurities from parts and components inside the machine and thus enrich the oil system.

It is therefore necessary to clean the oil tank regularly from the pollutants deposited there in order to maintain the performance of the oil and thus of the entire plant, to prevent the oil from aging, and to keep it free of abrasive substances. This is the only way to ensure trouble-free operation of the system.

Attention: If the residues remain too long in the tank, it is often too late for protective measures. The aggressive oil-water-sludge mixture attacks steel tanks during a longer service life; corrosion forms and the tank walls are decomposed. Leakage may occur!

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

Have your oil tank cleaned regularly by FS Plus – in this way you maintain the performance of your oil and ensure the value retention of your system.

Professional tank cleaning takes place in several steps. Remaining oil in the tank is pumped off and temporarily stored for processing. Subsequently, the oil sludge is sucked off the tank bottom and stubborn deposits are loosened and removed.

FS Plus offers individual cleaning systems for tank cleaning, with which we can effectively and thoroughly remove dirt particles from your system. Of course, we take into account the system-related conversions of stock and control circuits and also clean your oil system segment by segment.

After precise cleaning, the system is rinsed in a neutralizing manner. Finally, we check the condition of your tank system and inform you about the condition of the connection points at your tank system. On request, we analyze and filter the extracted oil and return it to the tank system if necessary.

Your benefits at a glance: