Who we are.

FS Plus is one of Germany’s leading family businesses in the field of industrial services. We have been on a growth course for more than 20 years. The foundation for our success is formed by employees with a high level of commitment and flexibility.

Our diverse range of tasks includes the responsible and reliable full-service in the fields of fluid management, industrial cleaning or support, oil service and consulting.

We consistently focus on the needs of our customers and continuously develop our services further.

Our entrepreneurial culture is based on diversity and partnership. The pursuit of a long-term business relationship based on a high level of quality, reliability, flexibility and innovation inspires our actions at all times.

Your start and your further development with us.

The optimal training of new employees is the first step towards a successful career. With a lot of practice and a mentor, we will introduce you to your dream job and continuously develop you further.

Just like you, we know from our own experience: At the beginning of a job, employees are happy about any support they can get when introducing themselves to a company. We pay particular attention to the onboarding of new employees, as an optimal start provides the basis for a successful career. With various activities we make your start with us as easy as possible.

As a newcomer, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with FS Plus on our welcome days. Here you can already make first contacts with your new colleagues.

This phase of familiarization serves to introduce us and our successful business practices. You will learn important information about our order processing, controlling, human resources, purchasing and other departments. Colleagues from management are also present and look forward to getting to know you.

We focus on training on the job. The incorporation of new employees lives from a maximum of practical experience. You will get to know your team and your customers first hand and will be integrated step by step into the daily project work. During the first few weeks, you will also be assisted by a mentor responsible for your needs, who will give you assistance and answer all your questions. This function is usually assumed by the respective superiors, qualified colleagues or employees from the senior management.

Our program for training and further education covers not only the technical and methodical basic knowledge for beginners, but also specialist knowledge of our core business areas and project management. We will also improve your soft skills in a targeted manner.

The right path for everyone: Experienced employees quickly shoulder responsibility in exciting projects after completing their internal induction/further training. Through our specialized trainings, you will acquire theoretical and practical competence for the successful implementation or even management of complex projects. Your advancement in our company can be varied and is often possible up to a successful leadership role.

We accompany you systematically so that you can successfully merge into a leadership role. Our management training prepares you for the new challenges in the daily management routine. We provide you with the operative tools for the smooth running of employee processes and accompany you continuously in your personal development. Actively shape the understanding of leadership at FS Plus: In regular management meetings, you will support each other in the interactive exchange of experiences with your colleagues on practical cases from the daily management life and shape the common understanding of our corporate culture.

Our values: What makes us special and speaks for us.

In the services business, success is determined equally by shared values and the skills of employees. The corporate goals and standards of FS Plus not only exist for the sake of our shareholders and employees, but also include all participants in the value chain. We are certain that goals can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation.

Values that guide us.

Living values have been part of FS Plus since its foundation. They are the guidelines for how we treat our customers and ourselves.

The way we interact with each other is of particular importance to us. For this reason, we expect and value people who speak their minds freely and can enjoy unrestricted trust through their thoughts and actions.
Being fair at all times is important to us in our dealings with employees, customers and all other people whom we treat as equals in our work.
To be courageous in the sense of entrepreneurial thinking and acting as well as the desire to always take risks with prudence and foresight - this is our value, which also protects courageous managers from becoming daring.
We are a company that does not become dependent and thus maintains the possibility to make its decisions freely in our interest and within the scope of our responsibility.
It implies a willingness to empower employees and teams to act independently and to provide managers with the opportunity to experience the impact of their initiatives and decisions. Trust also means being open-minded and creating real transparency in the flow of information - trust is at the heart of our collaboration.
Freedom of Ideas
It means creativity, innovation, openness to new ideas and paths that we take with our employees and customers.
Every entrepreneurial vision is driven by fun, because we know that this is the only way to make it happen even under extreme conditions.
Respect is our foundation in the relationship and treatment of others. For us as a company, respect for other cultures, habits and traditions is a characteristic that is of key importance. This is because we are represented in many European countries and have a valuable staff that comes from two dozen countries.
Team spirit
Customers, employees and partners experience this with us every single day. It is the ability to master both good and difficult times together.
In particular, we deny unfair commercial practices aimed at winning a particular contract or gaining a competitive advantage. In accordance with this policy, FS Plus has set clear rules for all kinds of bonuses and gifts.

Reasons that speak for FS Plus.

You are currently browsing our website and probably wondering: Could FS Plus be my employer? We would like to make the answer easy for you. First of all, of course, you need to know what makes us different from others. And why you should join us at all. Here you will find not just one, but ten good reasons.

None of our employees is like another. That's exactly what we appreciate. Good ideas only emerge where everyone respects each other and exchanges ideas with each other. This applies across all hierarchical levels. We actively promote this open working atmosphere via our »People Charter«.

We have set ourselves decisive values on the flag, which we fill with new life every day. These are particularly important to us. You feel the same way? Great, then you should definitely keep reading.

And there's something else we can promise you: It won't be boring with us. New challenges, tasks, people, places - working at FS Plus is different every day.

Working at FS Plus means that you are constantly learning new things. And that happens automatically, because we offer a lot of classroom training, virtual courses, e-learning modules and an extensive rich-media online library.

Your life will change again and again - and with it your goals. Maybe after a while you would like to shift your focus or try something different? Whatever happens - we will gladly support and accompany you on your new path.

If you want to grow personally, it is best to do so in a growing company. Your further development is important to us - and we do everything in our power to ensure that you get the best conditions for it.

We have a nationwide network in Germany and an increasing presence in Europe. FS Plus gives you as an employer the opportunity to experience new things over and over again and to work at different locations.

We love diversity and individuality. As a company, we benefit from this - and all employees benefit from it among themselves. Every day you discover new perspectives and impulses from your colleagues.

We enjoy our work and that should be the same for you. Of course, this is only possible with a healthy work-life balance. This is why FS Plus as an employer is not only committed to your career, but also to your retirement.

With us, you can get started from day one and work on interesting projects - regardless of whether you're a university graduate or an experienced expert.

Benefits that you can discover with us.

Many of our employees find the following benefits among us:

  • Flat hierarchies
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility of part-time work
  • Home Office
  • Company cars
  • Business mobile phone
  • Laptop or Tablet
  • Places of work close to home
  • Performance-related payment
  • Low fluctuation
  • Barbecue, kickers and other team events
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Pleasant working atmosphere
  • Regular feedback and performance reviews
  • Clear and realistic objective agreements
  • Further education, seminars, coachings
  • Health courses and advice
  • Social sports activities