Why is fluid optimization important?

Up to 20% of manufacturing costs are attributable to fluid operating materials – including recovery, disposal, maintenance and cleaning. The use of cooling lubricants is therefore a decisive success factor in the volatile market environment of the metalworking industry.

In order to fully exploit hidden optimization and saving potentials, a professional fluid management is required. The decisive factor for success is the holistic view of the use of cooling lubricants as well as oils and greases and the associated process parameters.

Specific factors, such as fluid consumption, frequency of changes, service life or disposal, determine and influence part of the total costs. In order to be able to save costs in the long term, it is important to visualize the individual factors within the actual state and to optimize them to achieve a balance between production, quality, safety and costs.

Fluid optimization is therefore a real value-added concept! Optimizing your fluid process can save you up to 40%. The result: a perfectly coordinated and safe process with an almost free use of cooling lubricants.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus helps you to integrate your fluid processes, use new technologies and achieve sustainably better results with less effort.

We examine the use and consumption of your fluid resources and create your individual fluid concept on the basis of the status quo.

The aim is to reduce the specific parameters and at the same time to be able to use fluids longer through appropriate care measures. This also has an impact on total costs. Overall, the handling of fluids becomes more sustainable, the costs lower and the quality of your products even better. Benefit from our experience and make full use of your hidden optimization and savings potential. Discover how FS Plus Fluid Optimization can help you unlock your potential.

Your benefits at a glance: