Why is the portable appliance testing important?

Equipment inspections are mandatory and ensure the safety of every company and its employees.

According to the accident prevention regulation “Electrical installations and equipment”, the employer (operator) is obliged to ensure regular periodic inspections. Subject to the inspection are stationary electrical equipment and portable electrical equipment.

Electrical systems and equipment must therefore comply with the basic statutory safety and accident prevention regulations DIN VDE 0701/0702, DIN VDE 105 and DIN VDE113-1.
The inspection is therefore an important component for the protection of your employees and for the avoidance of economic damage, such as accidents, fire or other incidents harmful to operations and health.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus regularly checks all mobile and stationary equipment in your company according to the valid regulations. Whether for forklifts, pallet trucks or machines and plants – state-of-the-art measuring technology and highly trained specialists from our company ensure comprehensive safety.

Our highly qualified employees are equipped with the latest testing equipment to ensure reliable evaluation in accordance with DIN VDE 0701-0702, DIN 0105-100 and DIN 0113-1.

After completion of the measurements, the results are recorded in electronic test protocols, evaluated, documented and made available to you.

Once your legal deadlines have expired, we will automatically remind you of the upcoming periodic inspections – on time and reliably.

Your benefits at a glance: