What it is about.

In the operative practice, clever minds with an organizational talent, the ability to lead people or to help them in a targeted manner are demanded. As a technical employee, you will be involved in meeting the growing demand for individualized industrial services and will therefore be part of the solutions that massively increase the flexibility of companies and their performance.

Our employees and doers in the operative field face and fulfill this demand every day, in accordance with our mission statement with more quality and more reliability.

Fields of Activity

You are in charge of the area representation and are responsible for the implementation of the corporate goals on site. You reveal the service potential of new and existing customers and actively strengthen customer relationships through personal support. The planning and execution of operations as well as the recruiting of appropriate employees are essential parts of your job. -

In your function as a divisional manager, you will be offered a great deal of freedom in terms of decision-making and creativity. You are responsible for a distinct area and for ensuring its success. Thanks to your analytical approach, you will be able to continuously expand our market position. As a manager, you also stand out for your foresight and implementation competence and act as a role model and mentor for your employees.

You take over the key function and are responsible for the operative plant management for a fixed, existing customer / plant and employee base. You are the contact person for our plant manager and existing customers. In addition to continuous customer support, your main tasks include assuring and increasing sales for existing customers, as well as identifying optimization measures to increase productivity and efficiency.

You take responsibility for a fixed customer plant and employee base. You are the first contact person for your service staff, cleaning staff and the various contact persons within the customer plant. The responsible management of the employees is just as much a part of your tasks as the preparation of the execution of our service and ensuring the required quality of our service.

In this function, you are one of the most important employees in the company. As a service employee you will represent FS Plus and thus represent our core business - fluid management. You support the production processes of our customers within the scope of defined work contracts and thus make a significant contribution to the optimization of process reliability and process costs of our customers. Due to our internal trainings you are able to support our customers in all aspects of cooling lubricants and are able to generate sustainable results.

In this function, you will work daily or weekly in a full-time, part-time or marginal employment with our customers on site. The cleaning of machines or technical equipment is part of your job as well as the cleaning of the environment. We also occasionally have the entire range of maintenance cleaning, because where our customers need us, we provide solutions and are service providers thoroughly.

Our job offers in the field of Technics and Operations

Gebietsleiter (m/w/d)

für die weitere Expansion in Deutschland

Technische Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

für unsere Projekte deutschlandweit

Reinigungs­mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

für unsere Projekte deutschlandweit

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