Why is the maintenance software important?

Production is becoming more and more complex and requirements in terms of occupancy and reliability are increasing. Such a high level can only be met with a condition-oriented maintenance. Early diagnosis of expected operating faults, such as bearing damage, is a decisive factor in preventing consequential damage to shafts, gears or other plant components. In this way, follow-up costs can be reduced and the service life of the production plant increased.

Maintenance is a significant cost and risk factor in the field of operating resources and must be developed further through a continuous improvement process.

Software designed for this purpose allows you to take control of maintenance operations and achieve the right balance between maintenance costs and performance.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

Our powerful FS Plus maintenance software is designed for modern manufacturing and supports the holistic process management with regard to preventive and corrective maintenance orders. It enables us to take over individual maintenance as well as complex maintenance work.

This digital fluid management support, which provides real-time know-how, is a cost-effective alternative to HR-intensive solutions. It controls and monitors all relevant fluids in your company, controls the production orders as well as the maintenance plans of your machines.

At the same time, all refill quantities are recorded and performed maintenance and care measures are being documented. The goal of the software is a simple and clear task control in order to identify cost savings through optimization potentials.

Benefit from a reliable, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of your plants and machines.

Your benefits at a glance: