A coordinated service concept.

Recognizing today’s requirement as a comprehensive one is the first step towards maximizing your success. Today, almost all areas of the company are interlinked. Logistics processes, quality standards, production processes, maintenance, resource management, fluid management, etc. are all closely coordinated. This can be used skilfully.

Then it’s time to minimize complexity and use synergies. Only then optimal conditions exist for further growth of your company. Obstacles are minimized and solutions take their place.

Thanks to our industrial support, machines and plants can run efficiently again and enable us to meet new and challenging customer requirements.

FS Plus knows from experience how to combine and implement reliability, customer orientation and quality. We are glad to let you benefit from this. As a strong partner, we support you with our unique service and support offer and optimize your plant availability, improve your competitiveness and thus achieve the maximum performance and efficiency of your machines and plants. Your company will feel the difference.


Maintenance Work

Everything on schedule thanks to predictive maintenance.

Acting instead of reacting. Thanks to regular service and maintenance, we increase the lifecycles of modern plants and machines and ensure smooth operations that always run efficiently.

Production Support

Our focus: Support. Your focus: Core business.

To support production processes, it is sometimes necessary to increase the resources precisely. Ideally, this happens with foresight.

Filter Management

A longer, carefree machine life thanks to filters.

Filters are used in almost all industrial plants. Their punctual and reliable maintenance and provision leads to an optimal use and maximization of filter service life.

Quality Control

Out of responsibility for quality.

Quality control and, if necessary, post-processing are essential for quality assurance. This is an integral part of the production chain, so that the product is always checked against the requirements.
Innerbetriebliche Logistik

In-Company Logistics

For a smooth process with the right logic.

Always the right product in the right place at the right time. Optimum throughput times and stocks ensure smooth operations.
De- und Remontage

Disassembly and Reassembly

New target? New location? No problem!

Whether it is assembly or disassembly - entire production plants up to smaller machines should be able to change their location flexibly and individually. That's where our trained staff comes in: We know how to master this technical and logistical challenge.
Betriebsmittelprüfung nach DGUV

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

For the protection of all: Equipment with test seal.

The legally prescribed appliance testing serves occupational health and safety. With our experienced specialists, you meet all specified criteria - with certainty.

Industrial Packaging

Your products safely on site and on time.

With the right packaging solution, products are optimally protected. Thus nothing stands in the way of a safe transport to the destination.