Why is oil the analysis important?

Would you like to avoid sudden breakdowns, increase productivity and increase plant availability? You don’t have to get into details for that! You can rely on the decades of experience and competence of FS Plus in the field of oil analyses.

From the hydraulic unit of an elevator system to the oil system of a large turbine for power generation, oils are an elementary component for the reliable operation of these plants. Most power generation plants operate around the clock to meet the constant demand for energy.

However, wind turbines, power plants, gas and steam turbines stand still if oil is disregarded. Downtimes of the machines, the exchange or repair of the components, but also the oil itself or its change can cause enormous costs.

Monitoring of the oil condition through oil analyses enables predictive planning of the oil change and early detection of damage. Such problems can be avoided with regular oil analyses from FS Plus. This enables damage to be detected and prevented at an early stage. They are therefore indispensable for the smooth operation of plants.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

Whatever happens in your plant leaves characteristic traces in the oil. Finding and evaluating these and drawing the right conclusions from them as well as making recommendations for the holder is a fundamental competence of FS Plus.

The parameters to be tested are determined according to your specific conditions. The aim here is not to obtain as many measurement data as possible, but to continuously record and document the data required for the trouble-free operation of the plant. In our laboratory in Krefeld we examine your oils and fats with the most modern analysis equipment and prepare detailed laboratory reports in German and English. Based on test results, we work with you to develop preventive maintenance cycles and thus extend the service life of your lubricants with the right care measures.

Our mobile laboratory service offers you a simple, cost-effective and fast possibility of oil analysis on your system on site. With the help of reference samples from the running system, we determine the quality and purity of your oil directly on site. At the same time, changes caused by impurities such as particle and water content, viscosity, acidity and base number are analyzed.

In connection to the analysis, our specialists evaluate the characteristic values and make well-founded statements about your oil condition within a very short time and make recommendations for necessary oil care measures.

Our QuickControl gives you the necessary flexibility not to lose sight of your oil condition.

We can thus determine the following parameters directly on your system at any time:

  • Oil purity class according to ISO 4406/1999
  • Oil purity class according to SAE AS4059
  • Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Water content from 1000 ppm
  • Conductibility
  • Visual assessment

Your benefits at a glance: