Why is cooling a lubricant care important?

A too early change of cooling lubricant burdens the environment and, due to higher downtime, labour, procurement and disposal costs, also the profitability of every company.

Numerous harmful compounds can be formed in water-miscible cooling lubricants during use. A particular problem is the formation of nitrosamines, which can arise from secondary amines and a nitrosation reagent.

The pH value, the formaldehyde content or the content of catalytically active metal ions in the cooling lubricant, for example, have an impact on the nitrosation. In order to counteract the development of nitrosamines and bacteria in the cooling lubricant and to extend the service life of the coolant, professional care is indispensable. With the right care, nitrosamines can be effectively avoided and cost savings up to 40% can be generated.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus has set itself the goal of optimizing cooling lubricant change intervals and at the same time extending the operating time of machines and systems through the professional maintenance of coolants. Due to our product independence and many years of experience in handling various cooling lubricants, we make the correct fill level corrections and adjustment measures (e.g. pH stabilizer, defoamers, biocides, fungicides) if required and thus ensure a long use of cooling lubricants and a safe manufacturing process in your production.

Through controlled preparation, we maintain the efficiency of your cooling lubricants and thus assure efficient metal processing during turning, drilling, milling and grinding. In addition, we naturally take care of floating foreign oils and show you optimization potentials with regard to your fluid management.

Benefit from our specific know-how and secure your processes with a professional and efficient cooling lubricant maintenance.

Your benefits at a glance: