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Fluid Service Plus, shortly FS Plus, is one of the leading technical service providers for the manufacturing industry. As a full-service provider and reliable partner for industrial services in the field of integrated preventive maintenance, we are present throughout Europe.

The family-owned company, which exists since 1996, is today one of the trendsetters in the technical service industry and consists of the business units Fluid Management, Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Support, Oil Service and Industrial Consulting.

However, our focus is not only on the process and the machines, but also on our employees. Highly motivated we can achieve our goals together with our customers and thus be successful in the long run.

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About us

Save costs and gain efficiency with FS Plus, the innovative market leader.


Our success story: From a start-up to a market-leading industrial service provider.


Steady growth through future-oriented steering. Our management.


Our actions: Ethical and with integrity. The FS Plus Code of Conduct.


Awarded: Consistently high performance due to compliance with quality guidelines.
Nachhaltigkeit und Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our contribution to a better world: Treating people and nature with respect.