Why is a cooling lubricant change important?

If cooling lubricants are in circulation for a long time, their consistency may change unfavorably as abrasion, chips, foreign oils and decomposition products are absorbed during their use. As a result of impurities, substance loss or microbial infestation, the emulsion becomes unusable and must be changed.

In order to extend the service life of the cooling lubricant and fully exploit the performance of the emulsion, a professional coolant change is of decisive importance.

Even if the cooling lubricant change is always subject to a certain effort – it is worth it! The new emulsion lasts much longer and the performance of the cooling lubricant is fully utilized.

The unpleasant smell of the cooling lubricant as a parameter for the change, however, belongs to the past. The scheduling of change intervals has proven to be operationally practicable. This procedure allows the change of cooling lubricants to be planned into preventive maintenance and performed in a targeted manner.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

FS Plus takes over the professional and effective cooling lubricant change for you and gets the full power out of your machines!

In order to bind machine oils and eliminate germs and bacteria at the same time, we prepare the machine for the change with a system cleaner at least 8 hours (better 24 hours) before changing the cooling lubricant. After the system cleaner has worked for 8 to 24 hours, the emulsion is suctioned and the system is thoroughly cleaned mechanically, manually or with the aid of high-pressure cleaners. Then the most important step in the cooling lubricant metabolism follows: the rinsing.

The fresh rinsing emulsion (approx. 2 to 2.5 %) not only has good corrosion protection but also removes the heaviest dirt and deposits. Thus even stubborn dirt in pipelines is effectively removed and the system cleaner is completely rinsed out of the machine.

After a manual post-cleaning we fill the machine with the new, fresh emulsion. Ideally, a mixing unit is used to ensure that a homogeneous emulsion is present in the cooling lubricant system from the start.

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