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The quality of the service is outstanding! The risk and the machine downtimes have drastically decreased.

We really appreciate the reliability of FS Plus. You always have a solution, even if unexpected problems occur.

With the help of FS Plus, we were able to optimize our processes and thus save up to 40% in costs.

Thanks to FS Plus, we were finally able to achieve a very high quality standard for cooling lubricant after years of use and thus not only meet the legal requirements, but also significantly reduce the consequential costs due to wear and maintenance.

In times of a shortages regarding specialists and personnel, it is calming to know that the cooling lubricant experts of FS Plus are always at our side in case of emergency or for long-term large-scale projects.

Thanks to the excellent geographical coverage, we can use the know-how of FS Plus at our various production sites and thus ensure a uniform, high level of quality.