Our contribution.

The world is fast-paced and has moved much closer together than ever before. Virtues such as integrity and responsibility should therefore determine our actions. With every telephone call, with every machine operation, with simply everything we do, we create values.

At the same time, we make our contribution to a better environment and a respectful social environment. In order to realize this claim, we set all levers in motion – for you, for us, for a better world.

Environment and Sustainability.

We at FS Plus have recognized that successful economic growth can only be achieved with sustainability. We consider our business activities to be part of the environment. This connection is particularly evident in the ecological significance.

By promoting and supporting this awareness among our employees, we stand up for sustainable action. In concrete terms, this means a responsible use of resources. Because the protection of our environment is important to us. That is why we comply with environmental legislation and ordinances naturally and with pleasure.

Our customers also benefit from FS Plus’ commitment to environmental protection. By reducing waste and unnecessary pollution, energy and material savings become ecological and economic benefits. This strengthens the confidence of our customers, as we participate together in an actively lived ecological environmental protection.

We all have a sense of duty with energy and water consumption. We can reduce emissions and waste through systematic analysis and thus stand for sustainability both economically and for the sake of the environment. But we’re going further. If industrial waste is unavoidable, it will be recycled or otherwise reused.

We regard the regular certification of our management system according to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 as confirmation of our ecological awareness.

Social commitment.

As one of the leading service providers, we bear a social responsibility. We perceive it as self-evident, conscious and with joy. We are happy to be committed to fair working conditions and better living conditions for everyone who works with us.

As we see social responsibility not only as a keyword, we consciously and directly implement it. The highest standards apply in all divisions, from the structuring of supplier relationships to our own employee relationships or communication in all directions.

At FS Plus, occupational safety and health protection have high priority for our employees. For this reason, we offer performance-related remuneration, company social benefits at a high level and promote the professional and personal development of our employees. By trainings and further education all employees have the possibility to develop themselves continuously. In the past few years, we have also systematically pushed forward the promotion of women and the work-life balance.

We understand education as an important resource of our society and therefore promote this aspect. We also make social and cultural contributions. Especially we at FS Plus know how creativity and progress are connected and want to give our part back to society. We consider this to be our cultural obligation and part of our sense of responsibility as a sovereign company that stands for values like these.

Social commitment is part of our history, it is part of our tradition.

As a medium-sized family business with a personal connection to Krefeld, we primarily support charitable institutions in the region. From the bottom of our hearts we donate for integration projects of refugees – Flüchtlingsrat Krefeld e.V. – and for the support of the socially disadvantaged – the Krefelder Tafel e.V. The support of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS) is one of our special heartfelt concerns.