Why is oil change important?

A regular oil change is a technical necessity. Because: Oil is exposed to a permanent process of change.

Oils can be subject to many changes during their service life. They result from the stress on the lubricant in the form of temperature, pressure, shear, contamination, air and humidity. These various chemical and physical processes, which lead to changes in the viscosity and the acid and additive content of the oil as a result of thermal oxidative stress and under the influence of shear stress, cause the lubricant to age. The oil thus loses its performance and lubricating ability. Then only one thing comes into consideration: an oil change. But it is important to know the exact time of a change.

A too early oil change burdens the environment and the wallet by higher downtime, work and disposal costs. However, as the oil begins to age, its quality can deteriorate rapidly and gearboxes or other components of valuable industrial equipment can be damaged.

Benefit from our technical know-how and our indispensable claim to quality and reliability. Discover how we can help you find the perfect time to change oil, save costs, increase productivity and efficiency and thus improve your competitiveness.

Which tasks does FS Plus take over for you?

A competent oil change contributes significantly to increasing the operational safety and service life of plants and machines. With optimum wear protection, you achieve maximum performance and productivity.

As an independent industrial service provider, we know which oils are the right ones for your machines and plants. Based on an analysis, we can determine the quality of your lubricant and the oil that suits your needs.

In addition, we take over the monitoring and coordination of your oil change and thus ensure optimum system availability.

We optimize your production process and relieve your employees through final maintenance measures and complete documentation.

Your benefits at a glance: